Early Warning Network

State Water has an automated notification system, the Early Warning Network (EWN), to improve notification of dam activities to the public. When you register, you nominate the dam(s) you are interested in and the type of notifications required. Once registered, you will receive notifications in the event of a significant dam release or an emergency situation depending on which you choose.

How to register

Important note about registering

  • Register as many contact details as possible so we have multiple ways to alert you in an emergency.
  • iWAS users are not automatically enrolled to the EWN. Please follow the directions above to be notified by EWN.
  • Please be aware that if you register a landline number, you will be called on that number by the system, whatever the time the alert is issued.


Notifications list

What is a notification?

  • Factual information about our dams.
  • We may include possible effects (such as low level flooding or a need to move stock or equipment)
  • We may include specific location impacts if they have been agreed in advance with agencies.
  • Each dam's notifications will vary, depending on a number of factors, (such as gated or un-gated, conditions that lead to an alert and so forth).
  • There is a web page for each dam, showing what sort of notifications State Water will be sending for that dam.
  • Any inclusion of this information into forecasting or warnings will be done by agencies (Bureau of Meteorology, SES, councils etc).

Notification categories

  • Dam safety notifications
  • Flood notifications
  • High regulated releases

How do I receive notifcations?

You will receive notifications in all registered formats for any dam you have registered for. The service does not restrict notifications to your registered address, improving our ability to notify you.

  • Mobile phone (SMS message - max 158 characters)
  • Landline (Text to Voice) - This message will repeat the key message and should be fairly detailed.
  • Email - This message will be the most detailed and have links to other agencies who can provide more information, such as SES and Bureau of Meteorology.

More information

Agency Information Website Phone
Bureau of Meteorology Weather forecasts and warnings BOM varies by region
NSW Algae Hotline Algal alert details and algae levels Office of Water 1800 999 457
NSW State Emergency Service Flood or severe weather warnings/advice NSW SES 132 500
NSW Water Information Storage levels and river heights Water info N/A
State Water Corporation
To view or edit your registration details EWN 1300 662 077
To provide feedback on our EWN Feedback 1300 662 077


Fact Sheets

Flood Operations (PDF 281 KB)